Commit 1ef764ab authored by Arnaud Blanchard's avatar Arnaud Blanchard
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Remove reference to optional submodules

parent 2eafe164
blgtk @ 6eaebfc3
Subproject commit 6eaebfc33a9b13fe5c3854d0f6f87c2094082228
blv4l2 @ 9b3f54ef
Subproject commit 9b3f54efd25ff45d3d12923fd1e6435ad7b1a50c
f_view_channel @ e371a56f
Subproject commit e371a56f7683124b0db79033af45a90b22b0b4c9
i_v4l2_camera @ cd10c7ef
Subproject commit cd10c7efe2a721ada37aa4f5536e531319f58307
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