Commit 8b9433bb authored by Arnaud Blanchard's avatar Arnaud Blanchard
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parent 3c0ce0aa
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ echo
if [ "${BLAAR_DIR+set}" ]; then #Test if BLAAR_DIR is defined. "${BLAAR_DIR+set}" means content "set" if exist
if [ ! $BLAAR_DIR = "$PWD" ]; then
#We remove any reference to blaar in bash_profile
sed -i~ -e"s|#Definitions for blaar (||" -e"s|BLAAR_DIR=$BLAAR_DIR" -e "s|:$BLAAR_DIR/bin/||" -e "s|:$BLAAR_DIR/scripts||" $HOME/.bash_profile
sed -i~ -e"s|#Definitions for blaar (||" -e"s|BLAAR_DIR=$BLAAR_DIR" -e "s|:$BLAAR_DIR/bin/||" -e "s|:$BLAAR_DIR/scripts||" $HOME/.bashrc
#We remove also any reference to it in env varaibles
export PATH=$(echo $PATH|sed -e "s|:$BLAAR_DIR/bin/||" -e "s|:$BLAAR_DIR/scripts||")
unset $BLAAR_DIR
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