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Dcoumentatin for a manual install

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You are advised to used standard [blaar install]( but you are free to make a manual installation
Manual install with cmake
You need git, g++, cmake and doxygen for the documentation:
- Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install git g++ cmake
- OSX with [homebrew]( and any C++ compiler
brew install git cmake
You can copy past the following code:
git clone
cd blc_core
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install
The created library `libblc_core.{so|dylib}` and `libblc_core.a` will be in `/usr/local/lib`. Includes in `/usr/local/include/blc_core` and a cmake config file in `/usr/local/share/blc_core`
You can create a debian package (.deb) with:
make package
Manual install with simple makefiles
All the sources are in src, includes in include and the previous lines allow you to create an adequate makefile
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