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BLC core
BLC core : Core of Basic Libraries for C/C++
- Copyright : [ETIS]( - ENSEA, University of Cergy-Pontoise, CNRS (2011-2016)
- Author : [Arnaud Blanchard](
......@@ -7,8 +7,6 @@ BLC core
Core functions used by almost all the projects of [BLAAR](
Core of Basic Libraries for C/C++
It is composed of five main files (need a POSIX system), for Linux and OSX.
- **blc_text** manage ASCII terminals (colors, cursor, sizes)
......@@ -21,40 +19,4 @@ It is composed of five main files (need a POSIX system), for Linux and OSX.
However, independently of blaar, you can [manually build the library](Install)
Exemple of text graphs
This is the output of **blc_core/t_array** see the [code]( and the [cmake config file](
### Manipulating **blc_array** vector
You can modify the code to dynamically refresh the graph with something like:
//We display 100 times the graph with the sinusoid shifted each time
for(shift =0; shift <100; shift ++){
// We set a sinusoid in the vector (converting [-1f, 1f] -> [0, 255]) and we shift it
for(i=0; i!=vector.size; i++) vector.uchars[i]=128+127*sinf(i/2.f+ shift);
//If it is not the first time we erase the previous graph by putting back (ANSI escape code) the cursor 16 lines (height of the graph) up. 'sprint' stand for fprint on stderr
if (shift != 0) blc_eprint_cursor_up(16); //blc_text.h function
/*We graph the vector, with title "vector test", the height of 16 chars, the limit max 256 and limit min 0.
Text on abscissa "position" and text on ordinate "intensity"*/
vector.fprint_graph_uchars(stderr, "Vector test", 16, 256, 0, "position", "intensity");
//We stop 100ms to let time to the user to see the graph.
Which produces :
![blc_core sinusoid video](
### Manipulating **blc_array** 2D matrix
These displays could be dynamical as well
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