Commit 278e9f22 authored by Arnaud Blanchard's avatar Arnaud Blanchard
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rename blc_processes to blc_process

parent 1ecffaf7
...@@ -19,18 +19,18 @@ find_package(blc_channel REQUIRED) ...@@ -19,18 +19,18 @@ find_package(blc_channel REQUIRED)
find_package(blc_program REQUIRED) find_package(blc_program REQUIRED)
#source files #source files
set(sources src/blc_processes.cpp) set(sources src/blc_process.cpp)
add_definitions(${BL_DEFINITIONS}) add_definitions(${BL_DEFINITIONS})
include_directories(include ${BL_INCLUDE_DIRS}) include_directories(include ${BL_INCLUDE_DIRS})
#define the shared library #define the shared library
add_library(blc_processes SHARED ${sources}) add_library(blc_process SHARED ${sources})
target_link_libraries(blc_processes ${BL_LIBRARIES}) target_link_libraries(blc_process ${BL_LIBRARIES})
add_library(static_blc_processes STATIC ${sources}) add_library(static_blc_process STATIC ${sources})
set_target_properties(static_blc_processes PROPERTIES OUTPUT_NAME blc_processes) set_target_properties(static_blc_process PROPERTIES OUTPUT_NAME blc_process)
#Describe what will be to install or in the package by default the prefix (CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX) is '/usr/’ #Describe what will be to install or in the package by default the prefix (CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX) is '/usr/’
install(DIRECTORY include/ DESTINATION include/${PROJECT_NAME}) install(DIRECTORY include/ DESTINATION include/${PROJECT_NAME})
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