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......@@ -10,9 +10,15 @@ Activating video
Sometime it needs reboot
i_v4l2_camera -o/img | f_raspinobo_object -o/object -u0 -U70 -v110 -V160
A blc channel **/pinobo.coord** is created with the center of gravity of the color <x uchar><y uchar>.
The thresholds for the color in YUV format is: u for U min, U for U max, v for V min and V for V max.
You can use the parameter '-p/color' to have a blc_channel '/color' where you can dynamicaly change the threholds of the color.
**/object** is the image of the object where each pixel is set to 255 if the color is in the selected range.
It is used for debug.
Activate the head (the target /pinobo.coord is updated by f_raspinobo_object )
./ raspinobo/ -T/pinobo.coord
./ raspinobo -T/pinobo.coord
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