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Added signal detection

parent 68004f5c
......@@ -267,7 +267,36 @@ drone1.command_setMode(DRONE_OFF);
// drone1.get()->write_message(message);
// }
* @fn void signalHandler(int number)
* @brief Handles received signals. Triggered when a signal is received.
* @param number The signal code.
void signalHandler(int number)
case SIGINT :
printf("SIGINT caught\n"); //CTRL+C
//TODO handle SIGINT reception situation
case SIGTERM :
printf("SIGTERM caught\n"); //kill (term command)
//TODO handle SIGTERM reception situation
case SIGFPE :
printf("SIGFPE caught\n"); //Floating-Point arithmetic Exception
//TODO handle SIGFPE reception situation
exit(0); //to prevent infinite loop
default :
printf("Signal number : %d caught\n", number);
* Only the main exe of the programm
......@@ -278,8 +307,18 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
// General var
// bool flag_run = true; //Flag use for the main loop of the system
struct sigaction action;
if(argc>1) {strcpy(device_path ,argv[1]); printf("port = %s \n",device_path);}
//signal handler initialisation
action.sa_handler = signalHandler;
action.sa_flags = 0;
//Make the list of all SIG to catch (will not be caught if not listed here, the list is not definitive and all are not necessarily usefull)
if(sigaction(SIGINT, &action, NULL) != 0) printf("SIGINT couldn't be attached\n"); //ctrl+C
if(sigaction(SIGTERM, &action, NULL) != 0) printf("SIGTERM couldn't be attached\n"); //kill [PID]
if(sigaction(SIGFPE, &action, NULL) != 0) printf("SIGFPE couldn't be attached\n"); //integer divided by 0, device_baudrate);
string buffer1="";
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