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......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ ofstream compassy;
blc_channel blc_control_arm("/pixhawk.control.arm", BLC_CHANNEL_READ, 'IN16', 'NDEF', 1, 1); // 1=on, 0=off;
blc_channel blc_control_remote_vector("/pixhawk.control.remoteVectors", BLC_CHANNEL_WRITE, 'FL32', 'NDEF', 1, 4);
//Channels use to control manually the drone
//Channels use to control manually the drone
blc_channel blc_control_motors("/pixhawk.control.motors", BLC_CHANNEL_READ, 'FL32', 'NDEF', 1, 4); //x, y, z, r
//Channels use to command the drone
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