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Requiert gnuplot.
- Ubuntu: `sudo apt-get install gnuplot`
- Mac OSX: `brew install gnuplot --with-qt`
`o_gnuplot <channel>` graphs the content of the channel.
By default the graph is refreshed at 10Hz, you can change the **period** using `-P`
You may want to graph the evolution of data over the time. You precise how many past values you want to display with `-H`.
By default they are updated each 10ms, change it with `-p`.
e.g. `i_keyboard | o_gnuplot -H1000` displays the changes with your kaeyboard with an history of 10 seconds (1000 `-H` values of 10ms `-p`).
To change the values you must be focus on the terminal.
You can change the type of display ( default lines) using the `-w` option e.g. dots or boxes. For more information about the with option see gnuplot documenton.
- [gnuplot]( Official website
- [gnuplotting]( Nice blogs with lot of original exemples
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